Sunday, April 28, 2013

Soul Song

This is my art project for year 4 at Barbara Brennan School of Healing.... a song about my motivation and the joy I feel when I do healing work. 

I hope you enjoy it... I had a great time searching, writing, expressing and performing this piece. xoxo

Soul Song              < Click here
by Marijo Puleo

As she goes, there I am 
As I heal, so may she
It motivates me even more
I do this for me, for many, for all

Wounded healer in the night
I see joy in the morning light
I'm most alive when I slow down
And open space to be reborn

As she goes, there I am 
As I heal, so may she
It motivates me even more
I do this for me, for many, for all

As we enter this sacred space
We are both in a state of grace
We're most alive when we slow down
And open space to know our souls

As she goes, there I am 
As I heal, so may she
It motivates me even more
I do this for me, for many, for all
I do this for me, for many, for all

© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Moving On to the Next Thing - My New Blog Home

It is official - I am now moving to my next blog I appreciate everyone who has followed me. Quite a few have asked that I continue writing, and I shall. I would appreciate a follow on my new site (either through blognetworks in Facebook or through Google Friend Connect).

It is for you that I write, and I will continue to honor our relationship through blogging. As with this blog, I hold the intention that I help others see what the journey looks like to coach yourself and travel "the Path" of self reflection.

In my first post, I wrote this as my reasons for blogging:

What this is:
... A place for me to reflect on my one year sabbatical.
... A check in. When I made my declaration, several people expressed interest in checking in with me along the way.
... A running commentary on my experience as I live in the present moment. I realize that I check my email far more often than I check in on my own experience.
... A way that may inspire your own thinking.
... A reflection of my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self evolving.

What this is not:
... a debate about what is right or wrong. I respectfully encourage you to open your own blog. :-)
... my journal. I will be keeping a detailed journal, this will be a reflection of the highlights. Relax, I don't intend to bore you with the navel fuzz or toe crumb stuff.

And, I believe that I have succeeded on all accounts. Thank you for being with me along the way and I will continue to hold the same intentions in my new blog home.

I do appreciate you writing, calling, emailing and posting comments on my blog, and if you want to continue with the new blog, please do! It encourages me to keep going - thank you!

With much love and gratitude, Mj XOXO


Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Final Posting

It is here - this is the last day of my sabbatical! I deeply appreciate the opportunity to take in this year of reflection and growth. I have traveled many paths, and through it all I was committed to following my intuition. I promised to keep this blog through my sabbatical, and I am proud to say that I kept that commitment.

So the natural question is: What has changed? And more importantly, what's next?

  • I certainly feel much more grounded and present in each and every moment. Now I read "A New Earth" and other similar works with much more insight and experience. I have also gotten a better sense of my ego, and as always this is a work in progress. I am working more from desire and less from proving myself. I am much more aware of my emotions and thinking, and how I feel in my body.
  • I have improved many relationships, especially with my loving husband! I feel more in love with him than the day we married, and we both look forward to even more. Yay!
  • I learned to play! I spent many hours swimming and floating in the ocean and riding my bike for hours. I felt free in my body for the first time in years.
  • I have definitely done some inner healing work, with the support of others as well as a fair amount of self healing. I no longer feel like "swiss cheese" in my body, my energy and my emotions. My friend Pat Chapman did a lot of healing work with me especially in the first six months, using King Solomon healing techniques that have been handed down over the last 3000 years. She is a powerful healer and a very good friend, and has been very supportive in my journey. Thank you Pat! I also had some sessions with Joy Adler, another powerful healer that held a special place for my healing. Thanks Joy!
  • I also had many in depth conversations with close friends - especially Gail, Chris, Pam, Jennifer, Brian, Leigh, Bobbi, Sue, and Kathy - and was contacted by many more that reached out to me with emails, phone calls, on the blog and through Facebook. Your love, support and encouragement sustained me and encouraged me to keep writing and sharing, to practice vulnerability in a way that honored me and others.
  • I have committed myself to a healer's path for at least the next four years. As I was following my intuition, I started picking up books on energy and healing. I became a certified Quantum Touch practitioner, I received my Reiki Level II atunement, and I became an adept initiate in the Modern Mystery School (Pat initiated me). I have been volunteering at the local hospice organization and running energy with terminal patients. I have also been teaching "energy workshops" in my home for several months. I started the Barbara Brennan Healing Science program last week and already this is opening up the next level of growth for me. I am excited and energized with what continued expansion will bring into my life as well as deepen my ability to support others on their journey.
  • I have also been integrating the healing work with my coaching practice. As I deepen my skills, I am discovering that other coaches are honing their intuition and insight with their clients. Healing work teaches me to focus my consciousness, hone my intention, tune into myself and the other person, and manage my energy in a very precise way to open the field for change to occur on many levels. Coaching is very similar, and uses conversation as the primary tool for shifting awareness along with awareness, intuition and intention. Being a healer will help me be a better coach. Being a coach helps me be a better healer.
  • Prior to the sabbatical, I had taken several Global Relationship Center workshops, learning tools of self awareness and inner development. They taught me many tools that I used to deepen my development throughout my sabbatical. And, by following my intuition, many books crossed my path about energy, consciousness, quantum physics, spirituality, intuition, intention, purpose, and guidance. As it turns out, I will be learning about these topics in depth in the Barbara Brennan program. The last four years have been full of synchronicity!
  • There were many other topic areas that I explored - adult development theory, shamanism, traditional spiritual disciplines, hypnotherapy and more. I "gave" myself permission to go anywhere my intention directed me. I traveled far and wide, and out of this exploration I could see a pattern very clearly emerging. There is a knowledge, a truth that is at the heart of all of these things. We are One. Love, Joy and Appreciation are the most powerful emotions we can experience, and all emotions are wonderful barometers for our awareness. We are happiest when we listen to the inner longing and stay present to our purpose in each thought, word and deed. This is the source of our power of creation. We are not alone - we have help available and it is up to us to use our free will to invite guidance in. To do this, we need to clear and connect, ask and allow.
So the question is - what is next? During this sabbatical, I asked that question every day and I intend to continue asking that question. I will keep listening to that deep inner longing and following this path. I do want to start coaching more clients and will focus my intention there.

We can support others, but ultimately we have to do our own "inner work". Originally, I opened my experience during my sabbatical because I wanted to encourage others to do their own inner work. I simply wanted to show others what that could look like. I hope you have enjoyed the ride! Thank you for following me over the last 12 months.

With much love and gratitude, Mj XOXO

PS - I will keep blogging from time to time, at



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